Artists of Uptown Arts Center exhibition 4th artist profile–Lowell Thompson March 17-19


Lowell Thompson is an artist/writer and creative catalyst who uses media and mediums to provoke thought about issues most Americans would rather not see. He calls himself a “recovering adman” because he spent the first 35 years of adult life creating ads and commercials for many of the world’s biggest ad agencies and their clients. He was one of the first and few AfrAmericans hired to do so, in 1968, right after the riots following the assassination of Dr. M. L. King, Jr..

He started painting seriously in 2000, when he began his “Chicago Fer Real” series, capturing the human animal in his/her unnatural habitat, the city. His most recent project, “Some Of My Best Friends Are Colored” uses the metaphor of the coloring book to confront America’s perennial and most potentially  devastating founding flaw – the idea of white supremacy.



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