Last Weekend at em(body) exhibition

This is our last weekend at em(body) exhibition. If you are looking to participate, on Saturday we have a printmaking workshop by Margaret Buchen, 10am to 1pm (more info and how to signup can be found below.) We will also be presenting a performance by Ania Greiner titled I’m Not Satisfied, 4:30-5:30pm (for more info see below.) Sunday we have open hours 1-3pm, and a writing workshop by Pate Conaway titled Harvesting the Word, 2-3 pm (for more info see below.) We look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday 10-1pm, 4th floor gallery Relief Printmaking workshop by Margaret Buchen:

Limited class size, pre-register: with contact info. deadline tonight at midnight (Friday)

Participants should bring found objects (flat objects like pins, paper clips, coins, feathers, fabric, washers, EL cards) that they can use to glue to a cardboard plate. I encourage participants to bring objects that are meaningful or symbolic to them.

Saturday  4:30-5:30pm , Hallways and Stairways  Ania Greiner performance “I’m Not Satisfied:”

Sunday  1-3pm Open hours

 Sunday  2-3pm  Balcony Pate Conaway writing workshop “Harvesting the Word:”



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