Saturday November 12th Relief Printmaking workshop

Free*  10am-1pm 4th floor gallery limited class size, pre-register :  with contact info.buchenlights1-jpg


In this workshop taught by artist Margaret Buchen, we will explore a simple method of making a relief printing plate, using cardboard for the plate and gluing flat objects such as paper clips, doilies, fabric, card stock and coins onto the plate. Participants can make their own plates using found objects and cardboard. They can also score into the plates with a knife, pencil or etching tool. We will ink the plates with water-based ink, using a small brayer to roll across the surface. We will place absorbent paper over the plates and use hand pressure against the paper to produce a simple relief print. The cardboard plate can produce relief prints with rich tonal and textural effects. Each participant will take a handmade plate and print home with them at the end of the workshop!

Participants should bring found objects (flat objects like pins, paper clips, coins, feathers, fabric, washers, EL cards) that they can use to glue to a cardboard plate. I encourage participants to bring objects that are meaningful or symbolic to them.


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