Sunday 11/6 Ekphrasis Poetry workshop

Ekphrasis Poetry workshop  Free*

Sunday  November 6th    3-5pm 4th floor gallery

“…given the right circumstances, any art may describe any other art…”
Think of an illustration of a character in a novel, a painting of a sculpture, a film that gives insight into a period of architecture.

All of these are examples of one art inspired by another.  Ekphrasis, a graphic, often dramatic  verbal description of a visual work of art.

Bring paper and pen ( or laptop) to this workshop as we explore  the Em(body) exhibition at the Uptown Arts Center

Keeping this in mind…”Becoming a storyteller as well as a work of art…we will interpret, inhabit, confront and speak to our subjects.”

We will ask questions to inform our writing:

Who will be our audience?

How does the observer enter the work of art?

And questions like:

What just happened?

What will happen?

Who is writing this?

Novice to advanced writers & all artists  welcome.  Enjoy the challenge of a detailed investigation and interpretation of a work of visual art through writing

You will be guided in this workshop by Colette Wright Adams, one of the co-curators of the Em(body) exhibition and participant artist.

*Donations to Uptown Arts Center always appreciated


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