Worn Articles:Heard, Read, Remembered Saturday October 24th 2-5pm

Worn Articles ImagePateConway Worn Articles

This Saturday is the last viewing in our new, experimental gallery space.Worn Articles: Heard, Read, Remembered
A site-specific exhibition featuring the work of 14 artists

October 3 – October 24th, 2015

The Peoples Church/Uptown Arts Center
941 W. Lawrence, Chicago

Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 2-5 pm or by appointment. 
For this exhibition, project leads Sherry Antonini and Eden Unluata invited a group of select artists to find inspiration in the history and the current context of The Peoples Church, an historical landmark architectural space built in 1925

.Fourteen artists each chose specific places to locate their pieces within the second balcony of the church, a level no longer used by the remaining congregation. Its seating and windows, the walls themselves, stand in a state of elegant decay, indicating the many years of attendance and the presence of the individuals and collectives that filled the entire church in days of larger gatherings.

The Peoples Church of Chicago, located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, was built as a place where words would be heard, internalized, and then put into action. It is where the pioneering preacher Preston Bradley spoke of progressive values, ideas, and envisioned a more just society.

Participating artists in this exhibition include: Sherry Antonini, Hannah Batsel, Pate Conaway, Kelli Cousins, Tracey Dobson, Victor Ewing, Jason Geistweidt, Niki Nolin, Teresa Pankratz, Hanh Do Pham, Melissa Potter, Bryan Saner, Miriam Schaer, Eden Unluata.

Please note that this historic exhibition space has very limited accessibility. #saicalumni  #interdisciplinaryarts

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