January 31, 2015 “the good, the true, the beautiful,”

“ the good, the true, the beautiful, ” is a group show exploring how moving image (such as video, film, and so on) are translated into the physical world. How does a 4D object become 3-Dimensional? By working with tropes and common ideas in videos (both as an art form and as a common social commodity), the show places audience members into a live marathon of reruns, pilots, matinees, and screenings.
Episodic in nature, the works in the show are scattered across the vertical body of the Preston Bradley Center, and range from sculpture, ceramics, and video to live performance. The installments may repeat, happen concurrently, occur just once, or occur durationally. Ultimately, these works aim to get at things that are good, true, beautiful,  and may succeed or fail along the way. After all, the chapters shown in the show are only ideas, or incantations to meaning.



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