Sept 27, 2014 The Tarot Show


…a celebration of the elegant allegory of Tarot

Colette Wright Adams
Chris Altschuler
Deborah Baker
Katherine Chronis
Frank Connet
Brian Hofmeister
Joshua Kent
Erin McNamara
Dan Merlo
Janet Metzger
Kimberly Mullarkey
Steven Sidelinger
Doug Stapleton
Eden Unluata
Nancy VanKanegan
Gail Simpson Wolf
Tarot illustrates our attraction to insights into ourselves, our world, and our past, present and future. Being more about choice than prediction and crossing the borders of conventional thought into our subconscious, tarot can become a meditative practice and a way to illuminate the complexity of human behavior.
7pm Performance artist Katherine Chronis, drumming by Quentin Shaw


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